Overseas property investment

Reasons why there are huge increase in overseas property investment

Overseas property investment has become increasingly popular amongst the population of wealthier countries. First let's look at why people started to divert away from investing in their local home country.

4 reasons why investing property in home country become less favourable

  • Higher tax implemented on their home country when buying second property for investment
  • Saturated market, property price growth is stagnant in their home country
  • Price too high which leads to higher initial cash outlay
  • Limitation on loan for purchasing property in home country

What kind of opportunity does overseas property investment offer to investors

  • Lower cash outlay
  • More affordable
  • Loose payment scheme - Deferred payment scheme
  • Lower tax imposed
  • Diversification of portfolio
  • Higher property return

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London (From £400K)Manchester (From £170K)Melbourne (From AUD 500K)Singapore (From SGD 600K)Cambodia (From USD 100K)Vietnam (From USD 120K)Philippines (From USD 60K)Bangkok (From USD 170K)

Risk and reward in overseas property investment

Before we go into more detail on how and where to invest, let's look at what are the risk and return involve in overseas property investment. There are few main risk factors you must consider when you make your overseas property investment: political risk, currency risk, and liquidity risk.

Political Risk

Political changes and instability in a country could affect investment return for example change in government, legislative bodies, other foreign policy makers or military control. Political risks are notoriously hard to quantify because there are limited sample sizes or case studies when discussing an individual nation.

Liquidity Risk

The risk stemming from the lack of marketability of an investment that cannot be bought or sold quickly enough to cash out.

Currency Risk

When you invest in overseas property, you are exposed to potential risk from fluctuating foreign exchange rates. On the contrary, you also have the potential to reap gains if the foreign exchange rates move according to your favour.

How to invest in overseas property

Every country has different investment procedure and policy. Below are the main checklist when you plan to invest in overseas property

  1. Developer: You must know the developer track record to minimize the risk of the development will not be completed.
  2. Location: What is the master plan on the specific location that you are intending to buy?
  3. Tax: Understand the tax policy. Common tax payable are stamp duty tax, rental income tax, capital gain tax, inheritance tax, goods and service tax
  4. Payment scheme: Understand the payment scheme, to better manage your cash flow.
  5. Loan: If you need loan, make sure the loan guideline for foreign investors. Alternatively you can check with you local bank if they provide loan on the property (country) you intend to buy.
  6. Ownership type: Strata title, shares, or rights to use. Are you eligible to own only leasehold or freehold tenure?
  7. Resale procedure: Any limitation on who you can sell to in the future? Is there any tax payable if you sell within certain period of time? Do you need to fully paid your property before be able to sell?
  8. Liquidity: Demand of rental and resale property in the country.
  9. Return projection (rental and price appreciation): What is the projected rental and capital appreciation in the future? What is the prospect of the country and the location that you bought? Is there any new infrastructure? Increase of population number? Increase of employment?

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London (From £400K)Manchester (From £170K)Melbourne (From AUD 500K)Singapore (From SGD 600K)Cambodia (From USD 100K)Vietnam (From USD 120K)Philippines (From USD 60K)Bangkok (From USD 170K)

Current hottest overseas property investment from notable cities

The Bridge Cambodia – At Least 70% Nett Guarantee Rental Return

  • Singapore public listed developer, Oxley International
  • Best location - Walking distance to Naga world casino, Shangri-La hotel, Sofitel, and many more
  • Asset in US Dollar
  • Nett rental guarantee is after tax and other misc. cost
  • Freehold

The Bridge Cambodia - Best investment development in South East Asia fastest economic growth

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Citunq Manchester – Perfect City Centre Location

  • Rare and most highly sought after prime Manchester city centre location
  • Walking distance to Arndale Shopping Centre, Northern Quarter (bars and cafes, as well as its mix of music and clothes shops), Piccadilly Gardens
  • Walking distance or via public transport to CBD, Spinningfields, and Piccadilly train station
  • High rental demand and yield expected in such a great location

Citunq Manchester - Rare Gem Residential Development In Manchester Prime City Centre

Only 25% Upfront Required

The Peak Cambodia Office

  • Freehold
  • Grade A Office In Phnom Penh Prime District
  • Probably The Only Office For Investment Below Shangri-La Hotel
  • Rental Guarantee Up to 36% Nett

The Peak Cambodia Office - Grade A Phnom Penh Office For Investment

By Singapore Reputable Developer, Oxley International

Royal Wharf London – Best Property Near Crossrail in New Financial District

  • Perfect location with 500 meter River Thames frontage
  • Located in new London financial and business district
  • Walking distance to tube/DLR. river taxi, and upcoming crossrail
  • Jointly developed by 2 reputable developer. Oxley International (Singapore public listed) and Ballymore (UK top developer)
  • 2 level/20,000 sqft of clubhouse and facilities inside Royal Wharf

Royal Wharf @ London By Oxley and Ballymore

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One Regent Manchester – Exquisite Apartments In Manchester City Centre

  • Low Quantum Investment From £1xxK
  • Only 20% Upfront Or £3xK
  • Attractive Rental Guarantee 6.5% Per Annum For 2 Years
  • Walking Distance to Spinningfields (Financial Centre Of Manchester)
  • Walking Distance to Deansgate Locks (Bars, Cafes, and Restaurants)
  • Walking Distance to Deansgate Tram and Train Station

One Regent Manchester - Attractive Investment In Best UK Buy-To-Let Hotspot

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Kingsford Waterbay

  • 400 meter river frontage
  • Very affordable, only from SGD 590K
  • Free shuttle bus service to MRT
  • Great condo facilities with water feature as main theme

Kingsford Waterbay - Singapore condo with water theme feature

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London (From £400K)Manchester (From £170K)Melbourne (From AUD 500K)Singapore (From SGD 600K)Cambodia (From USD 100K)Vietnam (From USD 120K)Philippines (From USD 60K)Bangkok (From USD 170K)